- Freakmont Officially Cancelled -

For all those who have supported the Nor Cal Nissan Community's annual Freakmont
event over the last several years, we need to say thank you. Without the community
stepping it up every year, this event would have never become as successful as it has.
This event has become one of the most successful Nissan/Infiniti/Datsun annual events
in Northern California, if not THE largest Nissan annual event in the area. Unfortunately
we've had to make a decision to bring this event to a close.

Freakmont as we know has outgrown it's basic grassroots intent. It has grown to a point
in which substantial financial backing would be required where the location hosts would
require asset protection insurance among other expenses. With this in mind the original
planners and group responsible for the yearly event are not in a position to finance the
required items for it to continue happening. Therefore this event has been fun but we must
let it go for the time being.

Again thanks to all you Nissan/Infiniti/Datsun gear heads for making this event a blast
to go to every year, you guys and gals have been awesome. It wouldn't have happened without your participation.

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